Whether you are an investor, attorney, lender or commercial real estate broker, you can entrust your transaction with Coastal Security Title. When you work with the Coastal team, you're backed by a team of experts and the latest real estate transaction management software on the market. We have decades of experience coordinating the flow of funds and documents to bring these complex transactions to a successful close. To see what Coastal Security Title can bring to your next commercial ...

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Every transaction is unique. The Coastal Security Title team is prepared for anything and goes the extra mile every time to ensure every stakeholder has a seamless and enjoyable experience. We spot and fix title defects and/or missing paperwork or signatures before they cause a delay or cause the deal to fall through. We leave nothing to chance. With the most advanced title, escrow and closing platform on the market, communication throughout the transaction is simple and secure. To see ...

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Real property law is complicated. We have the experience to assist you and your clients in overcoming complex issues related to the Real Estate Settlement & Procedures Act (RESPA), other federal regulations, as well as state and municipal real property laws and customs. Whether you're struggling to close your transaction, clear a defect or understand complex survey or boundary issues that could affect you our your clients' ownership, we can help. Please use the contact form below to ge...

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Coastal Security Title is trusted by consumers and high-volume lenders thanks to our decades of hands-on refinance experience, our unique process and our intuitive software. Over the years we have invested heavily in optimizing our business processes to move transactions forward faster. We constantly remove or automate unnecessary and time-consuming steps in the refinance process without sacrificing accuracy, quality or security. With Qua...

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Coastal Security Title is trusted by commercial and residential purchasers, real estate investors, real estate agents and attorneys to provide in-depth purchase contract consulting. Our staff has decades of experience helping buyers and their agents successfully close transactions of all kinds. From the beginning, our belief has been that informed buyers are happier buyers. If you need a real property expert from Coastal Security Title by your side during your next purchase transaction, us...

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Title insurance is an important tool to protect any real estate investment, but it's especially critical in short sale transactions due to the greater likelihood of outstanding liens and encumbrances associated with these kinds of properties. Coastal Security Title is trusted by real estate investors, agents, lenders and attorneys to streamline title policies and close these time-sensitive transactions. Because we use Qualia, the most advanced title and closing software on the market, you ...

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